Altajas Mumijo, masa (pasta) 50g


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Biologically active supplement
100% purified natural product
Mountain Balm

For immunity


Mumie has antioxidant properties, supports the balanced work of the immune system.

MUMIE Mountain Balsam is a fragrant, resinous natural product obtained from the Altai Mountains.

Recommended as a food additive – a source of humic acids.

Constituents in 3 capsules (daily dose): purified mumie – 600 mg, including humic acids – 51 mg; food gelatin.

Application: adults: 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals, drinking water. Duration of use – 1 month. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.

Restrictions to use: do not use the component in case of individual intolerance, in pregnancy and lactation, with urolithiasis.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Store in a dark, dry, out of reach of children at temperatures up to +25°C.

Net weight: 50 g
Do not use food supplements as a substitute for a complete and balanced diet!
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Nutritional Supplement Registry:

Mumie is a unique all-natural natural product. For its amazing properties mumie became known as “mountain tear” and “the tear of the stone giant”.

Mumie is a unique and completely natural product.

In nature, mumie is found in the form of a crustal layer in the cracks of high mountain cliffs. Such an arrangement causes the exceptional uniqueness of qualities of mumie.



Mumie Altai “Balm of the mountains” – is 100% natural purified mumie. It contains 80 active components. It is rich in essential amino acids, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids, phospholipids, resin-like substances, essential oils, macro- and microelements.The rich composition allows you to use this natural product in different situations.

Mumie Altai “Balm of the Mountains”.

Mumie Altai “Balm of the mountains” is a potent adaptogen. It allows a person to quickly adapt to negative external factors. Poor ecology, abrupt climate change, unfavourable working conditions will not be able to harm the body when using Mumie Altai “Balsam of the mountains…


Our ancestors used mumie as a wound-healing agent. Due to the high biological activity Mumie Altai “Balm of the Mountains” has a pronounced wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect, which is especially important in the healing of wounds, burns, dermatitis, herpes rashes. Arginine, vitamins C and E contribute to the production of collagen, which provides rapid tissue regeneration.


Diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system will cease to bother you with the use of mumie Altai “Balm of the mountains”. .It has analgesic properties, relieves discomfort in arthritis, osteochondrosis, sprains, fractures. Proline, lysine, phosphorus and calcium contained inMumie Altai “Balm of the mountains, contribute to early recovery from various injuriesMumie can be recommended as a prophylactic agent, as well as a means of supportive treatment in the main course of medical care…


Mumie Altai “Balm of the mountains” will be an excellent assistant for gastrointestinal disorders. Included in its composition flavonoids and magnesium protect the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol and junk food. Reparative and protective function of shilajit are aimed at protecting the digestive system from the formation of gastritis, ulcers and intestinal diseases.


The most common problems these days concern the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Mumie Altai “Balm of the mountains” reduces the excitability of the nervous system, improves cerebral and cardiac circulation, improves memory, strengthens the heart muscle, capillaries and blood vessels.

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